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16 year old first-er. FRC 1511. I also like bands and photoshop.

Quick history with body mods

So i have like.. 11 piercings, ive had more in the past tho, so wuick history

8th grade- i wore fake lip rings and told people they were real because i thought they were cool. I also started piercing my ears that year. I ended up piercing 3 extra holes in each ear. I also played around with the idea of stretching my ears.

9th Grade - i got my lip pierced at the beginning of the year. I didnt wear it much. The hole closed. I started to actually stretch my ears. And then for my birthday i got spider bites and a nose stud. I got frustrated with the nose stud and took it out. I ended up stretching my ears up to 0g.

10th grade- Ears were stretched, i had spider bites, and i wanted more. I got my septum pierced and my nose stud redone. I made the desicion to take my spider bites out.

Thats where i am today.


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Sad is what I am.
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